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An Update on the Post Tsunami Situation in Aceh Province from our Partner

Distribution of aid is still not happening as it could in reaching victims and refugees in the city of Meulaboh, Aceh Jaya (still difficult to reach), Sigli and Banda Aceh, despite the fact that they are in real need of food and medicine because of sicknesses such as cholera, fever, respiratory problems, pneumonia, inflamed lungs, diarrhea, injuries, etc). A lot of aid is piling up at the airport in Banda Aceh. Apart from the problem of coordination, interference from GAM (the Aceh Independence Movement) is another hindrance. GAM is blocking logistical help for the victims and the Indonesian Army has been involved in gunfire with members of GAM. Please pray.
-According to information from Posko Restoration of Education in Banda Aceh, 380 schools have been damaged and/or levelled to the ground, including 63 pre-schools, 220 elementary schools, 59 junior high schools, 31 senior high schools and 7 technical schools. Around 2,500 teaching staff have been lost. At this moment there are not less than 10 world bodies and NGOs in Indonesia who are coordinating with the Department of Education and Culture to establish emergency schools /tents schools to serve 60,000-70,000 school-aged children (elementary, junior high and senior high) at 95 points of evacuation. The plan is to set-up tent schools with the capacity of 40 students per class/tent.
PRAY that the church and worldwide Body of Christ will see the opportunity to serve as teachers in Aceh.
The situation of children in Aceh can be described in 4 categories:

30,000 children died and need to be buried.

Children who need immediate medical attention because of injuries or sickness

Children who need basic support such as food, drink, clothes, and shelter. It is estimated that there are more than 35,000 children who have lost their parents as a result of the tsunami. For these children 5000 tents are currently being set up throughout Aceh, and for every 20 tents there will be a child care and protection centre run jointly by the Social Department, other official organizations (Kantor Menneg Pemberdayaan Perempuan, Menko Kesra), independent community associations, community leaders and UNICEF.

Children who need continuing support who will be accommodated in orphanages in Aceh. The Acehnese community in Jakarta will work with a child protection organization (Satuan Tugas Perlindungan Anak) to strive TO KEEP THE ORPHANAGES IN ACEH.

-Refugees as of December 31, 2004 (according to the Center for Natural Disasters in Medan ) numbered 42,783 in Bireun, 73,002 in Sinabang, and 73,015 on the island of Simeulue . They need emergency help as soon as possible to prevent starvation and disease (breathing disorders, pneumonia, diarrhoea, injuries, skin disorders, etc.) from the threatened epidemic. It’s the rainy season making disease more easily transmittable. Some have died as a result of a shortage of medical personnel. Pray that the Lord’s church, Christian foundations, Sending organizations, etc. would see opportunities to minister and channel the love of Jesus Christ to those who are waiting for an extension of the Lord’s love. Pray for those who are on the field from various Indonesian churches and Christian ministries that they would be a channel of blessing to the refugees. Pray particularly that they would be able to get to the island of Simeulue .