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(Compass) – Eritrean authorities extended their crackdown on organized religion to Roman Catholics, jailing 25 members of the Catholic Church during a wedding rehearsal in Asmara on January 9. Police inexplicably entered the building and took the entire wedding party to jail, where they remained under arrest as of yesterday. The arrest marked the first reported crackdown against Eritrea ’s Catholic community, which enjoys “official” recognition by the government, along with Orthodox and Lutheran Christians and Muslims. The same Sunday morning, security police swooped down on a wedding ceremony in Barentu and arrested the 67 evangelical Christians present. All the prisoners – among them a number of elderly people and young children — reportedly were to be taken to the Sawa Military Training Center for “military punishment.” Meanwhile, Compass has confirmed that 25 of the 60 Rema Charismatic Church members arrested at a New Year’s Eve celebration in Asmara have been released after signing a pledge not to participate in such meetings again.