Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(Assist News Services) – Reports that in Turkey’s three major cities (Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir) 54,500 New Testaments were distributed by Alo Dua (New Testament distribution team) over Christmas, have reached the offices of Turkish World Outreach in Grand Junction, Colorado.

On January 6, a four page full-color article came out about the Alo Dua Prayer Center in a popular magazine.
“Our pictures, and pictures of Turks who have come to the Lord through Alo Dua are there. This morning, the magazine was featured on T.V. with a cover picture of Ian praying for people,” says one correspondent.
“With the NTs going out on the streets in Turkey and your prayer support – there is a big stir going on here in Turkey . This was started when the former President’s wife and the former President made their comments,” the writer said in an e-mail received by TWO and obtained by ASSIST News Service (ANS).
In the Aksam Newspaper: Bulent Ecevit, the former President commented, “…And now they are even giving out free New Testaments to the public in the center of Ankara ( Turkey ’s capital).”