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Coming to A Democracy Near You. . . “The Attack on Free Speech”

(ICC) – In a classic example of the results of well-meant, but terribly flawed legislation, two pastors (Daniel Scot and Danny Nalliah) have been charged and convicted in Australia with “religious vilification” under hate crime legislation introduced after Sept. 11 (The Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001). For those of you who aren’t legal scholars, religious vilification means they said mean things about another religion.

All this stems from a Church seminar on Islam given by pastors Nalliah and Scot. At this seminar, meant to educate people about Islam, the pastors relied heavily upon several texts . . . mainly the Qur’an and Hadith. You can see why the reading of such subversive texts needs to be stamped out.

In fact, during the case, the plaintiffs gave chapter and verse references from the Qur’arn and Hadith about the role of women in Islam. The Court was told that in Islam, a husband’s sexual demands must be met, even if his wife is cooking a meal, that a wife is as property, that a “temporary wife” is acceptable, and that a woman is “deficient in intelligence.” The Islamic Council’s Lawyer Debbie Mortimer asked him to only cite the references, not to actually read the verses because she claimed that the reading of those passages, even in court, was vilification.
The curious thing about all this is the way the case came about. Post September 11, the Islamic Council of Victoria was pushing for this type legislation. One of their main opponents was “Catch the Fire Ministries” (CTF). Curiously, the president of CTF, is none other than Danny Nalliah.
After passage of the legislation, three recent converts to Islam were encouraged to attend the conference that was being held on Islam by pastors Scott and Nalliah (in a church). One of the female converts was encouraged to attend the conference by May Helou, who was employed at that time by the Equal Opportunity Commission. She was also involved with the Islamic Council (she was its women’s education officer), the Australian Arabic Council, and Victorian Arabic Social Services.

Thereafter, a complaint was made to the Victorian Equal Opportunity Council. When reconciliation failed, one of the most expensive law firms in the country was hired.

Call us cynical, but it all smacks of a giant set up designed to set a legal precedent to suppress free speech. The frightening thing is, so called “hate-crime” legislation is very much in vogue in Western Democracies, and will be coming soon to a Senate or Congress near you.

Below Is A Picture of Pastor’s Nalliah and Scot

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