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ICC deplores the violence in Indonesia , and prospects that it is supported by any form of the government. Please pray for the people of Indonesia that they may have peace there, both in their hearts and in their lives.

( Jakarta Post) – Enraged by the latest attacks on churches in Palu, Central Sulawesi, Christian leaders demanded here on Tuesday that the government investigate the bloody incidents thoroughly. The church leaders urged the police to focus their investigation on the discovery of nine bullet casings, made by state arms producer PT Pusat Industri Angkatan Darat (PT Pindad). “We demand that the management of PT Pindad be questioned and investigated as to why the weapons and ammunition fell into the hands of irresponsible people,” Protestant minister J. Toding said in reading out a statement signed by 20 Palu church leaders, in front of a group of five visiting members of the House of Representatives.