Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(Forum 18) – “We don’t need any Baptists here,” Najiba Mamedova, the notary of Azerbaijan ‘s north-western Zakatala [Zaqatala] region shouted at Forum 18 News Service, asked why she has for more than a year refused to notarise the signatures on the registration application of a local Baptist congregation. “We don’t want a second Karabakh,” Najiba Mamedova screamed, adding “Who financed you? Go to them,” before throwing Forum 18 out of her office and threatening to call the police. The church’s pastor, Hamid Shabanov, told Forum 18 that “She always spoke to us like that.” The church began applying for registration in 1994, making it the religious community which has been denied registration in Azerbaijan for the longest period.

The head of the Aliabad administration, Gasim Orujov, has refused to allow the Baptists to build a church in the village. “There is Islam here and we have our mosque,” he told Forum 18.