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ICC is urging Christians to contact the Chinese Embassy to appeal for the release of Pastor Zhang Rongliang. Pastor Zhang was arrested on Dec. 1st.
Pastor Zhang is the famous and influential leader of “China for Christ Church” with up to ten million members. Pastor Zhang became known to Western Christians after he wrote the foreward to “The Heavenly Man” a book from Brother Yun about the Chinese underground Church.

CSW is reporting the following details on the pastor’s arrest:

Around lunchtime on 1st December, a white Volkswagen car, with a Zhengzhou registration plate with the number 0191, was seen parked by Pastor Zhang’s flat. Shortly afterwards, Pastor Zhang was arrested and there has been no communication with him since that time.

Pastor Zhang’s wife and immediate family are all in hiding following the arrest. On 1st and 2nd December the authorities raided every home in Xuzhai, where the arrest took place, apparently searching for the Zhang family.

There is also concern for Gao Shunping, who had helped in the provision of ID for Pastor Zhang, who has been missing since 2nd December.

The police have conducted a number of follow up raids in Zhengzhou and elsewhere, including raiding at least three house churches in Fangcheng city.

Pastor Zhang’s arrest comes in the midst of a serious crackdown on the house churches and increased arrests and other incidents this year.

ICC Urges Advocacy
Please contact the Chinese Embassy in the US or UK and politely appeal for his release.


Chinese Embassy in Washington DC
Ambassador Yang Jiechi
Address: 2300 Connecticut Ave. N.W. Washington , DC , 20008
Tel: (202)-328-2500


Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom

Mr. ZHA Peixin, Ambassador,

Chinese Embassy to the United Kingdom ,

49-51 Portland Place, London WIN 4JL

Fax: 020 7636 2981 / 5578