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Jesus Lives Church headed by Pastor Erudian Christie, was attacked on 13th December 2004 – a grenade was thrown at the church in the early hours. The church which has been operating for over 14 years, was visited by a group of Buddhist monks on Sunday the 12th December. The police have identified the grenade as foreign-manufactured. No one was injured although extensive damage was caused to church buildings.

Just one week ago, the Believers Church at Hammellawa, Kuliyapitiya , headed by Pastor M. A Ariyaratne was attacked recently by a group led by a Buddhist monk. This is the fifth time the church has been attacked, according to Pastor Ariyaratne. A resident of Kuliyapitiya for over twenty years, Pastor Ariyaratne says that the latest attack has caused damages over Rs 100,000 to the church building.