Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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( Thousands of members of an ethnic group in eastern Burma with a strong Christian population are hiding in the jungle after their villages were attacked by army battalions carrying out a government plan described by human-rights watchers as systematic genocide of minorities. Two recent reports sent to WorldNetDaily by an aide worker in Thailand, near the Burma border, indicate Rangoon’s military regime is continuing to drive members of the Karen minority from their homes. While officially the government has agreed to a cease-fire with Karen resistance fighters seeking independence, the Burmese Army has maintained attacks on ethnic villages during the dry season. The source said, “Burmese battalions are on the attack at the extreme ends of the Karen State north and south of our location here in Thailand. Right now, at least 800 villagers in the south and over 3,000 villagers in the north are running and hiding in the jungle.