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(Forum 18) – 18-month-old Luka Eyvazov does not officially exist, Forum 18 News Service has found, because local authorities refuse to issue birth certificates for children with Christian names. “We have letters from village residents and 98 per cent are opposed to registering Christian names,” local registration official Aybeniz Kalashova told Forum 18. Mehman Soltanov of the Justice Ministry asked Forum 18 “why did they choose a religious name?” and then speculated that it was not Luka’s parents who chose his name but “some religious sect”. Luka’s father, Novruz Eyazov, insists that children are from God and told Forum 18 that “We went many times to ask what basis they had to interfere in our family life. They indicated there was pressure on them from on high. When they told me to choose the name of a famous Azerbaijani poet or writer instead,” he told Forum 18, “I responded that Luke, as one of the Gospel-writers, will still be famous when all the poets and writers are long forgotten.” This is the latest of case of official refusal to register Christian names. Without birth certificates, people cannot go to kindergarten or to school, get treatment in a hospital or travel abroad.