Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(ICC) – For a number of refugees, returning to their former homesteads is not only a matter of finances, but also depends on whether they are still welcome to come back and live in peace with those by whom (in most cases) they were expelled during the conflict. Feelings of fear for revenge etc. are not unlikely; reclaiming land, crops and other property, too, may fuel animosity. Thus the residents in the Muslim sub-district of Lisabata in West Ceram regency told a group of visiting provincial administration officials recently that they were not ready to live side by side with any returning residents of the three neighboring sub-districts of Nuniali, Wokolo and Patahue. They seemingly do not trust those Christian people, accusing them of having attacked Lisabata during the clashes back in 2000. “If the government pushes ahead with its plan, we cannot be held responsible if other clashes occur in the future,” said spokesman Jaida, supported by dozens of Lisabata residents.