Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(AsiaNews) – Violence against believers continue despite the government’s claim that freedom of worship is protected. The latest episode in a recent wave of religious persecution involves Le Thi Phu Dung, wife of Rev Nguyen Hong Quang, leader of Vietnam’s Mennonite Church and human rights activist who was recently sentenced to three years in prison. This comes just a few days after the authorities prevented members of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam from visiting their ailing leader, 87-year-old Thich Huyen Quang, in hospital. On Sunday, 40 police officers raided Ms Dung’s home in suburban Ho Chi Minh City where they disrupted a religious service under way. Those present were cited for participating in an “illegal meeting” and for using “a residence for religious purposes”. Ms Dung, who replaced her husband as Mennonite leader in June, was charged under the 1999 Decree on Religion Nº 26 (art. 7, 19) which restricts religious activities to locations and leaders approved and authorised by the authorities, this despite the fact that the government has failed to authorise the construction of churches or other places of worship.