Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(Compass) – Members of a Protestant church in Indonesia are still waiting for resolution on an incident with Muslim neighbors, who attacked the church on October 24. The church was then closed down by authorities. According to Komintra News, the violent incident was the third since the Nusantara Indonesia Christian Church was established in 1997 in Puri Kosambi, Karawang. Approximately 500 attackers identified in press reports as members of the Front Pembela Islam (FPI) vandalized the church, causing damage to the roof, sound system, pews, doors and windows. As a result, the congregation ceased to hold meetings. A day later, the FPI approached local authorities and asked that the church be closed permanently. Meanwhile, results of a survey published in The Jakarta Post showed that 40.8 percent of Muslim respondents do not agree with Christians conducting worship services in a majority Muslim neighborhood.