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(Compass) – Le Thi Hong Lien, the sole woman among six Mennonite church workers sentenced to prison in Vietnam last Friday, is hospitalized with a “mental disease,” according to prison officials. She was arrested on June 30 and sentenced to 12 months in prison on November 12. At the trial, co-defendant Rev. Nguyen Hong Quang was so alarmed at Lien’s appearance that he asked the court to take her immediately for a medical examination. The judge refused but did agree to allow her to remain seated for the proceedings. Lien’s parents attempted to visit her in prison twice this week, but prison officials prevented access. Her parents subsequently filed a report stating, “During her time in prison, our daughter was seriously abused and beaten.” Just 21 years old, Miss Lien had been a zealous church worker, specializing in teaching the Bible to small children.