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(BosNewsLife) The husband of a young Chinese woman who was reportedly beaten to death by police after handing out Bibles, urged the international community Sunday, November 14, to press China to arrest those responsible for the crime. 34-year old Jiang Zongxiu, a farmer, was detained on June 18 in southwest China ’s Guizhou province on “suspicion of spreading rumors and inciting to disturb social order,” her family and Chinese news reports said. The police apparently planned to detain her for 15 days, but Jiang allegedly died in custody the afternoon she was arrested while distributing Bibles, which are banned from most book stores and not easy to obtain in the Communist nation. “Over six months have gone by since my wife’s death. The leaders of the Public Security Bureau (PSB) of Tongzi County [of Guizhou Province ] deceived the upper-level authorities, and intimidated the victim’s family,” said her husband Zhang Zhenghua in a letter released by human rights watchdog China Aid Association (CAA) and obtained by BosNewsLife. “It is beyond our toleration [and] I hereby disclose this case to the public, hoping all conscientious people might speak out the truth and bringing those who violated the law to justice,” he added. “The later development of this case indicates that the PSB knew that their illegal conduct had been disclosed,” by human rights watchdogs and media. “Therefore, they were surprisingly well behaved.” He said that the PSB ordered the remains to be cremated within three days, “in order to destroy the strong evidence” of the alleged beatings. The legal medical report makes no explanation about what cause the sudden death, Zhang added.