Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(ANS) – Nigeria is at the forefront of the bloody conflict between Islam and Christianity in Africa . Muslim militants want to impose sharia law (strict Islamic law and jurisprudence) upon everyone – including Christians. Already 12 Nigerian states have implemented sharia law. The militants want to turn Nigeria into a Muslim nation. Up to 1,500 Christians have perished so far this year – including 10 pastors – in Muslim-Christian clashes. At least 1,000 women are now widows. And more than 9,000 children have lost their parents. Compass Direct reported this week that an Islamic militant group that has been terrorizing non-Muslim communities in northern Nigeria since the beginning of the year struck again on Sept. 20. They burned down villages, killed four policemen and kidnapped seven Christians. Other raids on Christian villages resulted in death and destruction.