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Dr. Jeremiah and wife Hannah murdered in broad day light
Soon after he moved to the town of Jhansi, in Utter Pradesh (India), his loving touch and professional expertise began to draw patients. His Christian love and genuine concern for people combined with deft surgical skills won many hearts in the city of Jhansi.
His loving service for the people of Jhansi culminated in the knife attack by three men in broad day light, in his own home on 25th August. They came in pretending to be patients and brutally killed them. Jeremiah 47 and his mother, who was visiting him, seem to have died immediately from loss of blood. The daughter of 12 years, who on returning from her exam found the door open and a trail of blood, which led to the bathroom. She ran out and raised the alarm. Hannah too who suffered cut injuries, to the head, was unconscious and later died in the hospital.

However we know this, Jeremiah went to that city of Jhansi to love and serve in the name of Jesus..He was a quiet worker. There was no show of ostentation about him. Even in the week prior to his death, he had gone to a school, with his son Stephen, a boy of 13 years and distributed Bibles to the students. Dr. Jeremiah and Hannah leave behind two precious children, to love and care for. They are Sarah Sweetlin, and Stephen. Please pray for them and the immediate family members. As in the early Church, I believe our Almighty Savior will raise many in the name of Jeremiah and Hannah, to serve and glorify Him.