Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(Compass) – Eritrean security police pounced on five evangelical Christians holding a prayer meeting in their church office in Asmara last week and arrested them. Members of the newly formed New Covenant Church , the five were taken into custody on the evening of September 7. The one woman among them was later released, but the four men were transferred to cells at the Adi-Abyto military camp outside Asmara . Among the jailed men was the pastor, identified only as Yohannes, and his assistant, David. Meanwhile, three leading Protestant pastors jailed since late May remain under arrest in a dungeon-like inner prison in Asmara, where many of Eritrea’s prominent political dissidents incarcerated over the past three years are believed to be held. Prison authorities have refused to allow the pastors’ families or friends to deliver any food or other provisions to the men since late August, when they were moved to Wongel Mermera from a local police station.