Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(ANS) – Nasir Masih, a young Christian man, died in prison on August 19 — four days after being beaten and tortured by officers in two different police stations. When local Christians sought to have the police brutality investigated, 40 of the protesting Christians were arrested. At Police Station B-Division, Sheikhupura District, Nasir was beaten again and then handed over to Saddar Police Station, also in Sheikhupura District. Here he was tortured to the point where he lost consciousness. The following morning, 16th August, the police sent Nasir to the area magistrate who did not see him but sent him straight to District Jail Sheikhupura. Nasir was given no treatment for his injuries and died in prison on 19th August. There were 21 injury marks visible on his body, but four doctors who examined it said they could not determine the cause of death. The police registered cases against 40 of the protestors (mainly sanitary workers), who were arrested at their work places on 21st August, the day after the protest. They have since been released, but the case against them is still pending.