Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(Forum 18) – In its survey analysis of the religious freedom situation in Burma , Forum 18 News Service reports on religious freedom violations against Christians, Muslims and Buddhists as part of the military regime’s systematic oppression of ethnicity and dissent. Christians amongst the Karen, Karenni, Chin and Kachin ethnic national groups have found that they have been targeted through practices such as destroying churches, forcible conversion to Buddhism, and the use of forced labour. The regime also attempts to attack the religious freedom outside Burma , Burmese Buddhist monks in the United Kingdom being threatened with serious punishment if they join religious ceremonies at a Buddhist monastery in Colindale, north London . The regime often uses the language and imagery of Buddhism. But the regime’s real mentality was summed up by a Burma Army battalion commander, speaking as he urinated on the head of a Buddhist monk: “I do not believe in any religion. My religion is the trigger of my gun.”