Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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( Pakistan Christian Post) – A famous Scholar and Vatican decorated Pakistani Christian Rev. Khalid Soomro who engaged himself in volunteer services to mange PCP Karachi Bureau office is not safe in Pakistan. Muslim extremist group but he and his family survived set his house on fire on July 27. The family members of Mr. Soomro informed PCP about threatening e-mails and calls to Mr. KM Soomro, which have pushed him to hidings in Pakistan . One of the e-mail told Rev. Soomro, “Behave yourself and repent and again enter into Islam, otherwise, our youths will be forced to make you human being … This is the first and last warning to you, your family and your whole network. If I heard any negative activity on your end then we will be on right path to punish you. “

The PCP correspondent from Faisalabad Rev. Stephen Nazir is also receiving such threaten mails and calls from this group and in hiding in Pakistan . The leaders of Pakistan Christian Congress have demanded iron hands against culprits and safety of Rev. Soomro and Rev. Nazir by the government of Pakistan .