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(Montagnard Foundation) – Sources from inside Vietnam reported to us on July 9, 2004, the Vietnamese communist government forced Montagnard Degar villagers of Buon Tul, district of Buon Don, province of Daklak to come out of their houses so that they can make a movie portraying the demonstration last April in order to show to the United Nations and other members of the international community. During the filming on July 7, 2004, they forced the villagers to carry machetes, knives, spears, clubs and many other crude weapons and then forced them to walk and shout like they are demonstrating with violence against the government of Vietnam . They threatened to kill anyone who refuses their order. The government used soldiers and police to force the villagers to pretend that they demonstrated against the government in violent way in five districts of Cu Mgar, Buon Ho, Buon Don and Dak Nong.