Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(ANS) – Indonesian President Megawati Soukarnoputri has played down the extent of religious strife in the South East Asian country. There were no genuine “religious” tensions, she said in a meeting with a German church leader in Jakarta , August 2. On the whole, violent clashes between Muslims and Christians were the result of social problems with religious overtones. According to church reports the Rhenish Church President Nikolaus Schneider asked the President for greater support for churches which have been burnt down by Muslim extremists. It was nearly impossible for them to obtain permits to rebuild their devastated buildings, said the church leader, who is also a member of the Council of the mainline Protestant Churches in Germany . The President was reluctant to promise improvements. Most affected churches were situated in predominantly Muslim regions; the re-building could lead to further social tensions, she warned. Recently, Muslim extremists have frequently targeted the Christian minority in Indonesia . In an attack on a church in Sulawesi , July 18, a female pastor and a worshipper were gunned down during a Sunday service. Three other worshippers were seriously wounded. Indonesia has 220 million inhabitants. 80 percent are Muslim, 16 percent Christians, two percent Hindus and one percent animists. Major Protestant churches are the fruit of the work of German missionaries in the 19th century.