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(Compass) – Seven weeks after his arrest in a police raid on his home in Ho Chi Minh City , Mennonite pastor Nguyen Hong Quang has been allowed his first visitors. The unexpected visit occurred after Quang’s wife wrote a letter to senior Vietnamese officials seeking permission to see her husband. A university student and the mother of three small children, Mrs. Quang explained that the confiscation of all the family’s money in the June 8 police raid when her husband was arrested has placed her in very difficult straits. The following day, officials summoned Mrs. Quang and Mennonite evangelist Nguyen Thanh Tam to the police station for interrogation, allowing them to speak with Quang briefly. They said the jailed pastor looked thin and sickly and had an “ill color.” Sources in Vietnam say that authorities are trying to build a legal case against Quang for possessing and distributing materials harmful to the state. This crime, if classified as severe, carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.