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(ANS) – Gospel For Asia native missionaries Lokesh, Yesuraj, Kumar, Anil and Ramesh were July 24 abducted and wrongfully accused of robbery, reports GFA’s John Schwartz. “The Lord had blessed their evangelistic outreach in an area of Karnataka , India , but their ministry did not go unnoticed by anti-Christian elements in the community,” he said. “Twice these native evangelists had received threats, but they nonetheless continued sharing their faith with needy people. “As their ministry grew, their opposers watched them, looking for an opportunity to hinder their work.” Meanwhile a robbery took place in the community, Schwartz said. “Yesterday a group of anti-Christians forcibly abducted the five missionaries, accusing them of committing the robbery. Increasingly, false accusations -— one of Satan’s devices -— are being used to harass our missionaries in India and Nepal .” By God’s provision, one of the brothers (Ramesh) managed to escape and relate the urgent news to GFA staff, Schwartz said. “The other four missionaries suffered beatings, and their Gospel literature was torn up. Kindly pray for these brothers, that no harm will be done to them and that the authorities will come to know the truth.