Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(ANS) – The Persecution Project announced today the release of a partial list detailing the names and ages of 222 Christians who were among 234 civilians killed during Government of Sudan (GoS) sponsored attacks near the town of Akobo in May 2004.
During a recent visit to the region, Phillips met with PCOS representatives, Rev. Both Reath Luang and PCOS health coordinator Rev. Paul Biel, who provided firsthand accounts of atrocities committed by GoS backed forces in May along with a the list of these recent genocide victims.
According to Rev. Both, the GoS sponsored attacks began on May 1, initially killing 204 civilians. Another 30 people were killed in Wunbut near Akobo on May 10. “Most of the dead are women and children,” Phillips said. “Ninety-three of the victims – nearly half of those murdered – were children 12 years old or younger!” Another 78 people were wounded, and 58 of the most seriously wounded were evacuated to the Red Cross hospital in Lokichoggio , Kenya .
The raiders looted and burned homes and stole 6,000 cattle. “Gatluak Goryang Chol was less than a year old,” Phillips said. “His brother was four. This list puts names and ages to impersonal statistics. The U.S. State Department needs to reconsider whether it is at all wise to remove Sudan from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism… I hope they’ll take a hard look at the names of the women and children on this list.
These 93 children were not the unfortunate victims of war, or merely innocent bystanders. They were the intended targets. This is not an act of war; this is an act of terrorism, pure and simple.”