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(ANS) – Madhu Chandra, Coordinator of Operation Mobilization’s work in Chandigarh, India, has appealed to the All India Christian Council to look into the case of the body of a Christian believer which was removed from a cemetery in Manipur, India. Early one morning last week, the Rev. N. Debenedra Singh, Executive Secretary of Meitei Baptist Association in Manipur, called Chandra, Regional Coordinator of Operation Mobilization India, based at Chandigarh , telling him that the dead body of a Christian believer was removed from a grave by Hindu villagers in Manipur. The body was that of the mother of Pastor Amuba of Patsoi village in Manipur who died on July 13, 2004. Patsoi is small village of 500 homes and there is small group of 25 Christians who have worshipped Jesus there for last several years. The Christian villagers also purchased a cemetery in the same village with proper documentation so that it will be used as a church cemetery. When the body was ready to be buried in the same cemetery, many villagers ran out against the believers saying they could not have the Christian cemetery in the village. “Rev. Singh and other Christian leaders had to rush to village to handle the situation. They have buried the body after two days at another cemetery of nearby Christian villages in Manipur. Rev. Singh has registered the case in the police station to book those responsible for the unconstitutional act,” Chandra said.