Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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(AP) – Two members of a mostly Christian separatist group in Indonesia’s religious-violence wracked Maluku islands have gone on trial for treason. One of the accused is the wife of Alex Manuputty, the leader of the Maluku Sovereignty Front who now lives in Los Angeles after fleeing Indonesia last year. Oly Manuputty and Moses Tuanakotta were among 30 alleged separatists arrested on April 25 after a small secessionist parade in Ambon, the capital of the Maluku islands. The ceremony triggered several days of clashes between Muslims and Christians in which 40 people were killed and hundreds of homes were torched. Manuputty and Tuanakotta went on trial Thursday in Ambon, said prosecutor Fauzi Marasbessy. They are accused of being key members of the Front and if found guilty of treason, could be sentenced to 20 years in jail. The Maluku Sovereignty Front has no armed wing and has little support, despite claims to the contrary by its leadership. Analysts say it poses no threat to the country’s integrity. But Jakarta takes a hardline on any secessionist activity in the sprawling archipelago, which is facing separatist armies in the western province of Aceh and in Papua in the country’s far east. The issue is complicated in Ambon by the region’s history of violence between Christians and Muslims, which has claimed 9,000 lives since 2001.