Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(The Korea Times) – The South Korean government, worried about possible terrorist attacks on its citizens in the Middle East , on Friday urged several Christian organizations to cancel their rallies in Jerusalem and Bethlehem early next month. The Foreign Ministry asked the groups to reconsider the plan but the groups said they would push ahead with the event. Hosted by the Organization for Asian Cultural Cooperation and Development, made up of several Protestant groups in South Korea , the “Jerusalem Jesus March 2004’’ is slated for August 7-10. Around 3,000 Koreans from home and abroad, mainly from the United States , are expected to attend the religious event. The government is concerned about possible terrorist assaults targeting Koreans or accidental clashes with local Muslims since the venues have seen many terrorist attacks involving Israelis and Palestinians. Officials are particularly concerned since the Iraqi militants who kidnapped and beheaded Kim Sun-il last month recently claimed that they killed the 33-year-old South Korean national because he and his company were engaged in Christian activities in the Middle Eastern country.