Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(AsiaNews) – The Pakistan Asian Christian Welfare Organization in Bradford has called for a day of prayer in churches around Britain on July 18 for the dramatic situation of religious freedom in Pakistan . Christians face persecution in Pakistan at the hands of extremists, and also as a result of the misuse of the Blasphemy Laws. Since 1986, at least 79 Christians have faced blasphemy charges. At least 10 are currently awaiting trial. These include Pervez Masih, Anwar Kenneth and Augustine Ashiq ‘Kingri’ Masih. Many Muslims also suffer under the Blasphemy Laws. 289 have been charged since 1986, and 59 are currently awaiting trial. In recent weeks at least three Christians in Pakistan have been killed. Samuel Masih, accused of blasphemy, was killed by a policeman while he was in hospital suffering from tuberculosis. Javed Anjum was severely tortured by Maulvis (Mullahs) from a madrassa and died as a result of his injuries, and preacher George Masih was also killed. In addition, Christians in Quetta , Baluchestan province, received threatening letters and one pastor was kidnapped and tortured, though he later escaped. In addition, several Christian women have been raped, including children.