Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(ANS) – On Tuesday 6 July, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported that Christian educators in Hong Kong were praying for a miracle. The Education (Amendment) Bill 2002 was due to come before Parliament on 7 July. The SCMP reports, “If it is passed, this Bill will effectively give the Beijing-backed government increased control of Hong Kong ‘s multitudes of Church-owned and run schools. ‘We know that the bill will pass with so many pro-government legislators sitting on Legco [Legislative Council],’ Bishop Zen said. [Bishop Zen Ze-kiun, Catholic Bishop of Hong Kong .] ‘What we are praying for is a miracle. We appeal to the Liberal Party to vote according to their conscience, like they did last time to vote down Article 23’.” One Christian leader in Hong Kong explains, “Out of a population of 7 million only 10 percent are members of the Church. But at the same time 50 percent of all schools and 50 percent of all social service programs are run by the Church so there is a great influence especially as the church schools are of very high standard and have the best reputation. The government wants to change the school system so the government can have more influence.” AsiaNews reported on 6 July that Bishop Zen was threatening to file a lawsuit against the government for breaching the Basic Law if the Bill were passed. “The Church is set to sue the government because according to Basic Law article 141, religious organisations may continue to run schools according to their previous practices. We must sue the government over this blatant violation.”