Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(ANS) – India’s new Congress-led government has begun the process of digging up the Hindutva foundations laid by its predecessors, the right-wing Hindu nationalist BJP. Congress is actively working to restore India ’s former foundations as a politically secular state with religious freedom and opportunities for all. The Hindutva “idol” (or dream of a Hindu state) was a work in progress and it is still craved by many in the Hindutva camp. The deconstruction of Hindutva will not be without its opponents and challenges. Even since the BJP election defeat, the RSS has been actively advancing its attack on Christianity through the setting up of armed militias called “Raksha Sena” (Defense Army) that are being trained and sent out specifically to prevent conversions to Christianity. Immediately upon winning the elections in May 2004, the Congress, via its new Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, vowed to actively pursue social harmony and protect religious minorities. “We are the most tolerant civilization and we cannot divide people on the basis of religion and race,” Singh said. (AFP 21 May 2004) Hindutva may have lost is national appeal, but militant Hindu nationalists have not lost their ability or willingness to inflict suffering upon the Church. The new government will need every ounce of resolve it can muster to prove to Hindu militants that liberty and justice will prevail and violence against religious minorities will not be tolerated.