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(Forum 18) – In the latest twist to Uzbek authorities campaign against Christianity in north-west Uzbekistan, the NSS secret police have interrogated two Baptists, beating one up, and threatening both with imprisonment saying that “we will put you away for years”. One secret police officer claimed to Forum 18 News Service that “The Baptists’ activity is illegal, and so we simply had a chat with them,” and that the Urgench Baptist church is a banned organization “because its registered status was removed”. Another NSS officer, Alisher Khasanov, jeered at Baptist Sharovat Allamova for being a Christian and claimed that “you Protestants rely on Western money, the humanitarian western missions who support you are basically espionage organizations. So you yourselves are agents for foreign intelligence services.” Also, the local Khorezm branch of the NSS has questioned Forum 18 about why a Norwegian organization is interested in a “banned organization”.