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(Compass) – More than five weeks after their arrest, Iranian Christian pastor Khosroo Yusefi and another church leader remain imprisoned in an unknown jail. Yusefi and a fellow Christian from Chalous are believed to be held in the vicinity of Sari, a city near the Caspian seacoast. But since June 8, when other church leaders jailed with them were released, local Christians have been unable to make contact with the two remaining prisoners. “Nobody can visit them yet,” an Iranian Christian told Compass, “and they have not been allowed to see a lawyer.” Yusefi had been arrested and imprisoned on May 23 with his wife Nasrin and two teenage children. A week later, his family was released and allowed to return home. Converted from the Baha’i religion nearly 20 years ago, Yusefi was overseeing a number of unregistered Assemblies of God house churches at the time of his arrest. The families of the church leaders arrested in May now have no means of regular financial support.