Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(CharismaNOW ) – An Indian national abducted and tortured by religious police for “spreading Christianity” remains jailed without trial weeks after his detention. Brian Savio O’Connor, 36, was accosted in the Mursalat district of Riyadh on March 25 by four policemen, Compass Direct reported. After discovering that O’Connor was a Christian, they beat him for seven hours. In response to questions, O’Connor admitted that he did preach the Bible, but denied converting Muslims to Christianity. Authorities then charged him with preaching Christianity, selling liquor and peddling drugs. An airline cargo agent for the last six years, O’Connor currently shares a windowless cell with 16 other inmates at Riyadh ‘s Al-Hair Prison. At least two of his cellmates have come to faith in Christ during his imprisonment and others have reportedly asked him to pray for them. The All India Catholic Union, the Indian Bishops’ Conference and officials of the Indian Embassy have filed appeals to authorities on O’Connor’s behalf, but their inquiries have gone unanswered, Compass reported. According to O’Connor’s older brother, Raymond, who lives in India , the Indian Embassy in Riyadh told him: “Everything is in the hands of the Saudis. We cannot do anything.”