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(Montagnard Foundation) – Y-Rung Nie who was born in 1968 was from the village of Buon Kna , district of Cu Mgar, Province of Daklak . On April 10-11, 2004 Y-Rung Nie participated in the peaceful demonstration and then went back to his village. He thought the Vietnamese government would not hurt him but he was wrong. On May 2, 2004 the Vietnamese police from Hanoi went to his house, arrested him, and took him away. He was executed and this is how the police killed him: because he is a Christian, they made a cross and nailed him to it. They drove 4 nails on his feet, 4 nails on his hands, 1 nail on his chest and 2 nails on his head. Five days later, the police brought a coffin to his family and told his family that they had killed him because he followed Kok Ksor and the Montagnard Foundation. The police wanted his family to go collect his dead body at the nearby coffee plantation. The police threatened Y-Rung Nie’s family not to tell anyone of this killing or they will come back to their village and kill them too. On 9th May 2004 Y-Rung Nie’s family went to the coffee plantation and picked up his corpse brought him back to their village and buried him. Some of the villagers have reported to us that they also saw the cross where Y-Rung Nie was crucified in the coffee plantations this information comes direct from witnesses inside Vietnam.