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( ICC) The latest attacks against a local church began just one day after the government announced that Cabinet has granted approval for an Act banning religious conversions:
18th June, 2004
At approximately 7:00 pm, a group set off from the Bodhidumarama temple, Wadduwa in a van with loud speakers announcing, “Let us join together to rid our village of the fundamentalist plague!”

19th June, 2004
At approximately 3:00 p.m. the monks from the Bodhidumarama temple, gathered the villagers at the temple. By 6 pm, about 50 monks accompanied by about 150 persons carrying banners and posters marched to the Church and staged a protest rally. At this time only the Pastor’s two young daughters were home, together with 2 parishioners from the church. One of the Bikkus entered the Church building started to chant “pirith!” at the pulpit. They demanded that the Pastor be brought to them. The mob became unruly and threw chairs at the Altar and pulled down Scripture banners that were hung inside the Church. Some members of the mob surrounded the Pastor’s daughters, threatening them with physical harm and verbally abusing them. The OIC of the local Police arrived at the scene together with three other Police Officers as a result of a telephone call given by the Pastor’s daughter. Although the Police tried to bring the situation under control, they were not successful. The mob left after causing damage to the church. No arrests were made. The Police placed a guard at the church.
20th June, 2004
At 6:30 am The Police officers responsible for providing protection to the Church arrived. The pastor had cancelled the worship service, as he had done the previous Sunday, due to threats. By 9 am, a small group tried to enter the church by force. Police prevented them entering. In the meantime, about 10 monks arrived at the scene together with about 200 individuals carrying banners, placards etc… and attempted to break in to the Church premises. The Police fired tear gas to control the crowd. The crowd threw several petrol bombs at the church, but only one exploded. Bricks and rocks were thrown at the building causing damage to the roof and windows. The mob, angered by the actions of the police, pelted the Police jeeps with stones. The Pastor was forced to make a public declaration that he will stop holding meetings at the Church.