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(ANS) – Just over a month after news leaked that a key house church leader was allegedly beaten to death while in police custody, China has again postponed a visit by the United Nations investigator on torture in what human rights groups say is part of a strategy to avoid scrutiny of its overcrowded labor camps and prisons. In a statement, the Chinese government said it had postponed a planned two-week visit this month by the Special Rapporteur on Torture, Theo van Boven, until later this year to allow “more time to prepare” given the many different authorities, departments and provinces involved, news reports said. China ‘s controversial decision followed detailed reports by human rights groups this week about a major Beijing-backed crackdown on underground congregations including the arrests of over 100 evangelical officials, and after family members said 28-year old house church teacher Gu Xianggao was beaten to death on April 27 by Chinese Public Security Bureau (PSB) officers. However one former detention center inmate told Radio Free Asia (RFA) that any outside investigation will never uncover the truth, as despite official promises the U.N. inspector’s itinerary would be kept secret in advance, China almost certainly would make “major preparations” at all the prisons and law enforcement centers on his visit. “Two days before a visit by city leaders, let alone the United Nations, detention centers and police stations in every district start cleaning up their act for the visit,” Liu Anjun was quoted as saying. “They tell you what to say. You can’t get it wrong. You have to learn it off by heart. If you don’t you get beaten.”