Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(ANS) – A young Christian woman displaced by decades of war was fined and whipped by police for not wearing a headscarf in public in Khartoum , at a time when the military government of Sudan is re-imposing shari’a (Islamic law) on all citizens residing in the capital, human rights watchdog Barnabas Fund said Tuesday, June 15. The organization, which investigates the plight of Christians in the troubled African nation and other Islamic countries, said it had learned that 27-year old Cecilia John Holland was detained after she traveled on a minibus at Badr Gardens to her home in the suburb of Haj Yousif for not wearing the headscarf on April 13. “Ten police forced the bus to stop and dragged her from it,” Barnabas Fund added. It claimed that the policemen “forced her into their vehicle, striking her in the process.” Four other women were already inside (the vehicle) and “seven more had been arrested” apparently for a similar offense. After a night at the police station, Cecilia was taken to Sizana Islamic Court where Muslim policemen testified against her, Barnabas Fund said. “She was not allowed to make any kind of statement or speak in her own defense (and being) accused of “standing near a garden at night” and not wearing a scarf on her head. They also misrepresented Cecilia by stating that she was “jobless”, refusing to register her employment,” the human rights organization explained. The Islamic court declared Cecilia guilty and sentenced her to 40 lashes on the back and fined her 10,000 dinars, about $38, and the equivalent to one third of her monthly salary. She was released that afternoon after being whipped and paying the fine, Barnabas Fund said.