Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(Dallas Morning News, CRF) – For the past six months, Brian Savio O’Connor, a citizen of India and a Roman Catholic working in Saudi Arabia , has been held in prison by the Saudi religious police, the mutaween. The charges? Preaching Christianity and selling drugs, both of which carry the death penalty in the kingdom of the Wahhabis. Mr. O’Connor’s family and Catholic Church officials maintain that he merely was seen praying and that the drug charges are trumped up. They also report the prisoner has been tortured and pressured under pain of death to renounce his faith and embrace Islam. The Indian Bishops Conference recently sent an official letter to the Saudi embassy in New Delhi , asking about the prisoner, but was ignored. This is unacceptable. The Saudi religious police, you’ll recall, are the same vicious fanatics who caused 15 Saudi girls to burn to death two years ago in Mecca , when their school caught on fire. The mutaween forced the female children to remain in the burning building rather than run outside without Islamicly correct covering.