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(Compass) – Violence broke out between Muslims and Christians in the town of Numan , Nigeria , on June 8, resulting in the deaths of at least nine people. Places of worship belonging to both faiths were also destroyed in the clash. The Numan riots marked the one-year anniversary of the murder of a Christian preacher in the town. On June 8, 2003, Mohammed Salisu, a Muslim, stabbed to death local Christian pastor Mrs. Esther Jinkai Ethan as she was returning home from a session of street evangelism. Violent clashes between Muslims and Christians following Ethan’s murder left 10 people dead. Tensions between adherents of the two religious groups have reportedly escalated in recent weeks. Muslims insist on rebuilding a mosque destroyed in the 2003 riot, but Christians object, contending that the mosque is too near the house of a Christian community leader and to Numan’s Lutheran cathedral.