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(EFI) – The controversial ‘anti-conversion law’ bill will be presented before the Sri Lankan Parliament in the coming weeks. The lawyers of leading Buddhist and Hindu organizations in the country have prepared a draft Bill, titled, Protection of the Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion Act, seeking the approval of the government for enactment. This draft bill is closely modelled on the Tamil Nadu anti-conversion law. General Secretary of All Ceylon Hindu Congress, Attorney-at-law, Kandiah Neelakandan said that the proposed Act prohibits all actions impairing freedom of religion of any person by coercion or allurement. According to the Bill, “proselytizing” which shall mean, to make, persuade or influence a person to renounce his religion or religious belief becomes a punishable offence under the proposed Act. The Act strictly prohibits remitting, holding, or keeping in custody, transferring or using funds or any resources for the purpose of engaging in any activity to incorporate or register body of persons with the object of proselytizing persons of other religions. Given the communally charged environment, the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI), fears the introduction of the new anti-conversion law in the country will only increase the environment of religious disharmony.