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(ERPKIM) – Seventeen year old Dimitrije Popovic was murdered this past weekend in the center of Gracanica. An unknown person shot with an automatic rifle at the Serb teenager who was in a hamburger shop with other three Serb teenagers who were returning home from a disco club. Except Dimitrije Popovic, no one else was injured in the attack. Popovic was hit in the head, it was advised by the Health center in Gracanica. Kosovo Police authorities confirmed that Dimitrije Popovic was killed but they could not offer any additional information this morning. KFOR police made a two hours investigation at the spot. According to the testimony of eyewitnesses an “Audi” car from which attackers shot at a Serb teenager sped towards Pristina after the attack. At the moment the road through Gracanica is blocked and many inhabitants of Gracanica and the neighboring villages have gathered to express their peaceful protest against this heinous crime.