Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(Bill Fancher) – Radical Muslims have been attacking Christian Serbs in Kosovo for many years, but the violence has escalated over the past six weeks. Institute on Religion and Public Policy president Joseph Grieboski says the persecution of Christians in Kosovo has been going on since the international intervention that ended the civil war in that nation. “Since 1999, prior to the March 17 event, you had 117 churches destroyed, 2,600 people killed, [and] 250,000 Serbian Orthodox ‘cleansed’ from Kosovo,” he says. Grieboski is concerned that this anti-Christian violence has gone on under the “watchful eye” of NATO and United Nations peacekeepers and that it is likely to continue. Over the past three weeks, another 30 churches have been destroyed, hundreds of Christians killed, and their homes torched.