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(ANS) – Christian aid organizations in Afghanistan expressed concern Thursday, June 3, about growing Islamic extremism in the troubled country after five workers of Doctors without Borders were shot in an attack on their vehicle near the village of Khairkhana, about 350 miles (560 kilometers) west of the capital Kabul. The Brussels- based Nobel Peace Prize-winning aid agency has suspended its work in Afghanistan following Wednesday’s violence in which three foreigners and two Afghans were killed apparently by Islamic militants linked to the previous Taliban regime. Doctors without Borders named the dead as Afghans Fasil Ahmad and Besmillah, Belgian Helene de Beir, Egil Tynaes of Norway , and Dutchman Willem Kwint, Bloomberg news agency reported. It came also as a major setback for Christian organizations like International Aid (IA) who fear the latest accident is part of a new trend, reported Mission Network News (MNN), a mission news service and broadcaster.