Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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( ICC) – Pakistani Christian Anwar Masih, who was imprisoned in December 2003 on the charge of committing blasphemy against the prophet Mohammed, was bailed out of jail this morning by the High Court Lahore Justice Tassadque Hussain Jilani. Masih was arrested after commenting on an old friend’s beard who had converted to Islam since they last met. He asked him about the beard, and his friend got infuriated and started telling him that the beard was the Sunnah and every prophet had a beard. Naseer started scolding him for asking these questions. The matter was settled after a couple of minutes and they both left. He was arrested shortly thereafter. Masih’s wife and four children were left alone and in fear after his arrest. On ICC’s last visit to Pakistan we were able to lend prayer and financial support to his family. It was unknown at that time when or if Masih would be released from prison. His bail is a huge relief for his family, a blessing from God, and a victory for Christians in Pakistan .