Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(Mercury News) – Family members of a U.S.-based exile – accused by Vietnam of being a terrorist – were required to participate in public “self-criticism” sessions in the communist country’s restive Central Highlands region, an official said Wednesday. Five relatives of Kok Ksor, including his mother, publicly admitted to “wrongdoings” during a May 26 session before their village of Bon Roai in Gia Lai province, said Nay Hem, a local official. Ksor, who heads the South Carolina-based Montagnard Foundation, has been accused by Hanoi of organizing several mass uprisings in the Central Highlands, including recent Easter weekend protests that drew an estimated 10,000 ethnic minority villagers. The village official said the five family members confessed they were directed by Ksor to attend demonstrations and incite other villagers to protest. None of them were detained or arrested, he said.