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( ICC) – Although the Maulukus/Ambon have been relatively quiet since the major recent disturbances, there is still a lot of fear and suffering going on in Ambon . Many residents have sent out cries asking for international help/attention knowing that unless media attention is turned on the local government there will be no solution. Here are just a few of the resident’s cries sent to ICC. Please continue to pray for the Christians of the Malukus and Ambon .
May 22, 2004 We, the Maluku Nation are wiped out a little by a little. The community were suppressed, but we faith that through the praying the enemy will be paralysed and through the praying the struggling will be accelerated. Please asking for the International aid to stop Indonesian Barbaric Action.
May 23, 2004 “the destroyed of Ambon city has been unbelievable. Bombed and victimed in turns. The situation is critical.”
May 24, 2004 “asking for the peace keeping forces come down to Maluku.”
May 26, 2004 Ambon city has to be an object of the terrorist. In just last two days, there were tens bomb founded. Tonight there are two bomb blasted but I don’t know where.
May 27, 2004 We extremely need the peace keeping forces come down to Maluku/Ambon as the best solution to settle/cut all of the Indonesian egregious act in Maluku and let the Maluku people live in peace same with all civilize people in the world.