Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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( ICC) – Samuel Masih was arrested originally arrested on 8/23/03 under section 295 (blasphemy law) that he put filth on the walls of a mosque in Lahore , hence insulting the sanctity of the mosque. Due to his stay in jail awaiting trial he contracted TB and was sent to Gulab Devi Chest Hospital on 5/22/04. A policeman Faryad Ali reportedly attacked him in the hospital by striking him in the head with a brick hammer. The policeman’s motive was apparently a desire to earn a place in paradise (obeying a call to kill a blasphemer). The hospital switched him to the Neurosurgery Department. The policeman was sent to jail after a case was lodged against him. The police continue to guard the Samuel (even though he appears to be brain dead) and are giving deceptive answers as to how he was injured.