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(Compass) – Iranian police arrested a Protestant Christian pastor in northern Iran three days ago, jailing him along with his wife and two teenage children. Pastor Khosroo Yusefi and his wife Nasrin were arrested on May 23 in Chalous, a town along the Caspian Sea coast. Together with their 18-year-old son and a daughter age 15, they remain imprisoned without known charges. “The police have found out that people have come to Christ in that city, that’s all,” an Iranian Christian told Compass today. “We don’t know whether somebody was spying on them, or what.” Reportedly dozens of believers from two of Yusefi’s church groups were jailed in the first week of May and later released. However, Sunday’s arrest marks the first time that the entire family of a Christian leader has been taken into custody. The majority of Christians meeting in secret house-church groups in Iran are former Muslims.